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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

going "old school"'s been over a month since i have been on here. yikes!!!

ok so a few weeks a ago super, wonderful friend of mine said "i have something for you!" and i of course got super excited!!!!!! well this isn't my normal flip job but it's just as wonderful if you ask me! :) also you know what a hard time i have parting with my projects....uhhmmm... yes you've got it.... this one is staying right here in my house! my friend got her hands on some old windows that were taken out of the school house where she teaches. (isn't she wonderful to think of me?!?!) i think YES!!! these windows are estimated to be from the 1940's .....the building they were taken from was an old army barrack! pretty cool huh??? well anyway they are the perfect accent for my game room :) i cleaned them up a clean i mean i dusted them...and that's it. my daughter asked "mom aren't you going to paint them?" my reply "are you kidding me...that would ruin them!" now they hang nicely above my bars on either side of the sink and i have placed pictures in them and i plan to put some patterned scrapbook paper in a few of the open spaces.. i just have to decide what colors. hope you love them as much as i do! oh and thanks again to my wonderful know who you are ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

facebook, frog legs and furniture....

yes...that is what my day has consisted of!!! lol i couldn't think of a name for this piece so i just decided to call it that because that's pretty much what i have done while working on it... :)

you guessed it "garage sale!" uhm...this little thing was naked as could be when i got it.....not sure if you can see the pen and crayon markings all over it. i thought it looked pretty sad :( well... i knew i could do SOMETHING with it..!?!? just wasn't too sure what and now that's it's finished i'm having a hard time even thinking about letting it go :/ it matches my bedroom WANT TO KEEP IT.....but i CAN'T!!!!!!!! i'm starting to think i should have named my blog "depressing departure" or "temptation torture" because i want to keep everything that i flip!! ugh!

gracefully green...

so.... another garage sale treasure!!! for some reason i get a little excited about some of these finds more than others. well you can see this sweet little thing needed some help and just painting it solid green wasn't enough. so i added a little black and white elegance to it...and for those of you who know me.... this is sooo not my style but i love it! it's not my usual "rustic redo" ...can you distressing involved?!?!
*if you happen to love it too well you can be the proud owner..for a small fee that is!!! just let me know!

rocky baby... babies to rock here! just an ugly green rocker that i picked up at a garage sale a few months ago that desperately need some TLC! i took it from "gross green" to "raging red!!!" just a simple flip that is much more pleasing to the eye and now we can enjoy on our back porch!

oh and by the way i used to sing a silly little song called "rocky baby" to my sweet babies and now i sing it to my little sweeties at school :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


well...have you missed me?? lol...i've missed you!!!! so anyway this one is titled "incomplete" because's missing something.
so...a few months ago a friend of mine called me up and asked "if i purchases a dresser at a garage sale will you flip it?" and my reply in short was "why yes... i will!" it is. i'm bummed because i didn't get a true before pic...but i think she might have one on her phone. anyway after several coats of wood filler and sanding...i was able to hide the original drawer pull holes. she wanted it lightly i attempted the layered look.... which didn't work out as planned but now that it's somewhat finished i think it's perfect! when i say "somewhat finished"'ve probably noticed what is missing....knobs. she special ordered some beautiful knobs that she had seen in a a furniture store. they will be here in a few weeks so you probably won't get to see the finished product because i am delivering it this week and she is attaching them herself.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

yes...i'm still here :) think it's been like 3 weeks since i've been on here!!! i'm soooooo stinkin' ready to be out in my barn working on something...anything!!! in fact i have a special order that i am dying to get to but this crazy wind, rain and weather has set me back a few weeks.... along with the end of the school year (only 1 more day...woot woot!!!!) SO hopefully, maybe...if the good lords a willin' i will be out in my barn this weekend working on a dresser :)

oh and by the way i been out sailing a boy did i find some amazing treasures!! can't wait to share them with you!! ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Lone Star State....

i may live in oklahoma but texas is where my heart is.... so i was super pumped when i got this order!!! in fact...if you've ever been to my house you might have noticed a "few" texas stars here and there. by a few i mean like 30..uhh...that's downstairs (yes...i just went and yikes...i didn't even go upstairs...oh wait...i almost forgot the one by my front door!! :) well anyway...i got a call the other day from a gal in texas. she just happened to be on of my amazing SISTER-in-laws. (i have 4 so i have to be jk..jk..i love them all dearly!!!) she had been looking for a texas flag "picture" to hang above her couch at her farm house. so she decided to put me to the test to make just what she was looking for so i tried....( i hope she likes it?!?!) :/ i just happened to have a star...some old wood...a piece of rusty tin....courtesy of my oldest son, he found it one day brought it home and said "mom i thought you could use this (that seems to be a reoccurring and some paint of course....and wah ya have it a tin texas flag framed with old barn wood! now the only problem is that i am attached to it so she may never get it!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Aged to perfection....

aaahhh....another garage sale treasure that i just couldn't resist!!!

decisions, decisions...i decided to poll the audience on this kids said "NO MORE TURQUOISE" so my hubby and i agreed that the antiqued off white look would suite this piece best. :) so this is what i spent my friday doing...(oops...guess the laundry will get done tomorrow) it came with a mirror but i chose not to keep it intact....maybe the mirror will show up another day :) i envision this piece in an entry...maybe your entry?!?!? cause sadly i have to part with house is full! so if this little number jumps out and grabs you....let me know and we will work out a deal ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

would you like a spot of tea? did you read/say that with a british accent??? if mil would be so proud ;)
this started out as a aspen tree and ended up as a tea cup rack on my kitchen counter. my inspiration....a sweet guy named gary. he creates some awesome pieces out of aspen and i was privileged to get to know him about 3 years ago in colorado. he gave me all the aspen wood i could haul back! this was my first on my aspen wood agenda is a table!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

from Crate to Great! ...well sort of ;)

sorry... nothing rhymed with pallet so i had to go with crate :)

alright...well.... i kept seeing this huge pile of wooden pallets at a construction site near my work. so... i decided to go ask the contract manager if i could have a few...(didn't want to be accused of stealing)... he said "help your self and take all you want!" REALLY??!?!?! yippie i was super excited! :D so with my son's help we loaded up some and headed home. he along with the rest of my family asked "what are you gonna do with those?" well.....we have never owned a coffee table so..........are you ready for this.....i said "i am gonna make a coffee table!!!" lol...i know, i know you aren't near as excited about it as i was/am but that's exactly what i did....and here it is! my new fabulous RED... distressed... pallet coffee table! my first thought was to stack them 3 high and add the casters but my sweet hubby had an even better idea! just use two and separate them and as you can see that's what i did. my daughter also had a hand in this project...she gave it a coat of turquoise to start off...then i added the red so that when i distressed it the turquoise would shine through. you know me always going for the rustic look ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So it may not be a flip......

so it may not be a flip but oh well...i just had to share :)
as many of you know i am a jewelry designer....and if you didn't know that... then... do now!!! tonight i had several mommy bracelet orders to fill for mother's day...(which btw is only 12 days away and if you would like to place an order i need to hear from you asap!!!) ok so anyway i was sitting down to make bracelets and my little girl said "mom can i design some bracelets too?" so we got out the beads and there we sat side by side creating and designing! it was really cute and some much needed mommy daughter time :) us gals had the house to ourselves....the guys were out on the town. driver in the house...he was out spinnin' his wheels :)
so here are some pics of her creations...... ;)
*this was a sweet reminder of me and my mom.....that's where i got my designing skill from ya mom !

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Going Green ....well sort of....

so my fiesta buffet was missing something...above it that is. i was thinking of something along the lines of maybe like 3 pictures or 3 different message boards but mike suggested a mirror. maybe ...with a green frame.... to match the green on the buffet. so his wish was granted :) i happened to stop at a garage sale and found just what i was looking for....a mirror that needed some TLC! this lovely mirror with a gold frame jumped right out at me ;) thanks to another friend who knew that i was looking for fence panels i was able to make a frame....paint it green do a little sanding and attached the old gold mirror to it and well here ya have it.... my new and improved mirror that hangs above my fiesta buffet! "it completes it!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

fiesta buffet

well...this is the flip i have been dying to share! if you are my friend on FB...then you have probably already seen this transformation cause i was so stinkin' excited when i shared it a few weeks back!!!
here goes... :)
so i had been telling my hubby how much i wanted a buffet cabinet in our kitchen/dining he had plans to build me one. well.... one day while driving down the road i saw this hideous cabinet that had been dumped out (for obvious reasons)....not too far from our house. so i told him about it.....he saw it in passing also and said "please DO NOT bring that home!" with a chuckle i might add. i obviously didn't take him too serious! :) after passing by it numerous times i got my oldest son to take me to it in his truck...once again i heard "mom it's daylight" he put on a hoodie and and we loaded it up!
i got started on it the very next day. my sweet friend and neighbor had some old worn out fence panels in her back yard...just the thing i was looking for :) she helped me bring them over to my house and the fun began!!! i first added feet, then busted out the old drawer tracks, built some shelves and completely refaced the whole cabinet with the old fence panels.....built doors and started sanding. i applied a "coat of many colors" inspired by my fiestaware....sanded a little more and then added a few coats of polyurethane. the two side doors have screen in them from another old door i had in the barn (knew that old door would come in handy sometime) and the "tin" in the middle door is actually a faux tin....vinyl sort of's pretty cool. i think spent just a little under $50 dollars for the hardware, tin and feet and a total of 25 hours on this baby!! it was a weekend flip and it was so much fun!! i just keep looking at it and thinking "wow...what a transformation!!!!!!!" i love it!!!! like i always's not for everyone but it fits me to a T!

just another tid-bit of info....
when i was a little grandparents had fiestaware...I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED eating off of it and ALWAYS hoped to have the same dishes someday...well now i do! i remember my papaw always saying in his ever so slooooowwwww voice "you better clean your plate" and i did....i licked it clean and tried to sneak it back into the cabinet...he somehow always caught me and then i had to wash up all the dishes. lol...aaaawww the good ole' days!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Redneck Barstool :)

so i'm pretty excited about this one...because it brings back wonderful memories of my daddy! in fact i'm pretty sure that's where i got my "garage sale" blood from :) my sweet daddy was always finding something for me at a garage sale. (i miss that guy!)

several years before my daddy passed away he picked up 3 old tractor seats for me at a garage sale. when he brought them to me he said "i figured you could use these." well he was exactly right...and i think he would love the end result!!!!

i didn't realize that this is actually a pretty popular thing until watching "american pickers" the other night. (which btw is one of my FaVoRiTe shows!!!!!!!!) they walked into an antique shop and there sat about a dozen of these cute little tractor seat barstools and i hollered out "they stole my idea" it's perfect for my game room...around the pool table. i have two more waiting to be will be yellow and the other red. i realize that it's not a style for everyone but it fits me to a T!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Can you say.... "BURN PILE?!?!"

well you are sure to get a kick out of this one.....

i spotted this amazing chair in a burn pile on the side of the road....yes a burn pile!!! i tried to get my oldest son to stop and pick it up while we were out and about one day..... he said "'s daylight!!" so a few weeks later he and my sweet hubby stopped off and picked it up for me :) it was night by the way!

i absolutely can't wait to get my hands on it! i have big plans for it :)

so be on the look out for the "flip"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mirror...mirror on the wall....

so..... this is the mirror that came with the little off white dresser from my previous post. back last year when i painted the dresser black i didn't need the mirror so i stored it in the attic and didn't give it a second thought. well....about 3 weeks ago mike was up in the attic and came across it and asked "aren't you wanting a mirror for the game room?" it really wasn't the shape i was looking for but i decided to paint it and well...i fell in love with it! so it now happily hangs in our game room! " why turquoise???" you ask....cause it's my new favorite color thanks to my "saturday morning sailing pal" ;) you know who you are!

*just fyi...i paid $10 for the mirror and dresser!!!!!!!!

garage sale find.....

so this little number was just calling out my name one saturday morning at a garage sale... ;) i just couldn't resist. my husband asked "what are you gonna do with that?!?" well this is what i did...... (don't worry...the new and improved mirror will show up later)

where to start...????

well this is my first attempt at blogging so bear with
i have always had a love for "flipping" things...making them new...restoring them or whatever you want to call it! so here i go...i'm going to share one of my loves with you ;)