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Sunday, January 1, 2012 refurbished chair and new home office!!!'s been forever since i have been on here... i'v been a little busy!!!

so my jewelry business took a toll on my dining table this christmas....we didn't see our table for almost 2 months! guess the hubby got tired of the clutter and the hammering so he decided to build me my very own office space and I. LOVE. IT!!!!!!!!!! what started out as a blank wall in our game room is now my little hammering corner :) he built the cabinets and i was the painter (who didn't know that?!?!)'s not finished just yet... i have a wonderful idea for the blank wall!!! my plan is to find a large US map...antique it...frame it (turquoise of course) and pin mark all the places that i have and will ship to...sounds cool huh??? well it does to me anyway! oh the jars...well i wish i could claim that idea but i can't ...i have pinterest to thank for that one :) and the chair...i can't forget the chair!!! that was a garage sale find... as you can see in the pics...b & a...a little paint job and new fabric...well it is much improved!