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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

So it's been a few years :/

I haven't done much with furniture in a while... but here is one piece that I just couldn't part with. This little dresser was given to me by a friend... I asked "do you care what I do with it?" Nope... do whatever you'd like! So .. I did and it now houses the tv in our living room! :) I removed the bottom 4 drawers... reinforced it a bit, painted, distressed and sealed it. Added new hardware and the baskets! L.O.V.E. IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MY map-quest.... in my last post which was FOR.EV.ER ago I mentioned my map.
Well.... it is...hopefully you can see the little pin heads all over it. I have shipped to 48 states!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!! Now come on Hawaii and Rhode Island...hook me up with some orders ;)  The frame was some old backyard fencing and the map well it's from wally world. lol

So I just finished up my last jewelry order for the 2013 holidays!!!! Now I can focus on my family and enjoy the holidays and maybe...possibly find a dresser to turn into an entertainment center!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012 refurbished chair and new home office!!!'s been forever since i have been on here... i'v been a little busy!!!

so my jewelry business took a toll on my dining table this christmas....we didn't see our table for almost 2 months! guess the hubby got tired of the clutter and the hammering so he decided to build me my very own office space and I. LOVE. IT!!!!!!!!!! what started out as a blank wall in our game room is now my little hammering corner :) he built the cabinets and i was the painter (who didn't know that?!?!)'s not finished just yet... i have a wonderful idea for the blank wall!!! my plan is to find a large US map...antique it...frame it (turquoise of course) and pin mark all the places that i have and will ship to...sounds cool huh??? well it does to me anyway! oh the jars...well i wish i could claim that idea but i can't ...i have pinterest to thank for that one :) and the chair...i can't forget the chair!!! that was a garage sale find... as you can see in the pics...b & a...a little paint job and new fabric...well it is much improved!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

going "old school"'s been over a month since i have been on here. yikes!!!

ok so a few weeks a ago super, wonderful friend of mine said "i have something for you!" and i of course got super excited!!!!!! well this isn't my normal flip job but it's just as wonderful if you ask me! :) also you know what a hard time i have parting with my projects....uhhmmm... yes you've got it.... this one is staying right here in my house! my friend got her hands on some old windows that were taken out of the school house where she teaches. (isn't she wonderful to think of me?!?!) i think YES!!! these windows are estimated to be from the 1940's .....the building they were taken from was an old army barrack! pretty cool huh??? well anyway they are the perfect accent for my game room :) i cleaned them up a clean i mean i dusted them...and that's it. my daughter asked "mom aren't you going to paint them?" my reply "are you kidding me...that would ruin them!" now they hang nicely above my bars on either side of the sink and i have placed pictures in them and i plan to put some patterned scrapbook paper in a few of the open spaces.. i just have to decide what colors. hope you love them as much as i do! oh and thanks again to my wonderful know who you are ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

facebook, frog legs and furniture....

yes...that is what my day has consisted of!!! lol i couldn't think of a name for this piece so i just decided to call it that because that's pretty much what i have done while working on it... :)

you guessed it "garage sale!" uhm...this little thing was naked as could be when i got it.....not sure if you can see the pen and crayon markings all over it. i thought it looked pretty sad :( well... i knew i could do SOMETHING with it..!?!? just wasn't too sure what and now that's it's finished i'm having a hard time even thinking about letting it go :/ it matches my bedroom WANT TO KEEP IT.....but i CAN'T!!!!!!!! i'm starting to think i should have named my blog "depressing departure" or "temptation torture" because i want to keep everything that i flip!! ugh!

gracefully green...

so.... another garage sale treasure!!! for some reason i get a little excited about some of these finds more than others. well you can see this sweet little thing needed some help and just painting it solid green wasn't enough. so i added a little black and white elegance to it...and for those of you who know me.... this is sooo not my style but i love it! it's not my usual "rustic redo" ...can you distressing involved?!?!
*if you happen to love it too well you can be the proud owner..for a small fee that is!!! just let me know!

rocky baby... babies to rock here! just an ugly green rocker that i picked up at a garage sale a few months ago that desperately need some TLC! i took it from "gross green" to "raging red!!!" just a simple flip that is much more pleasing to the eye and now we can enjoy on our back porch!

oh and by the way i used to sing a silly little song called "rocky baby" to my sweet babies and now i sing it to my little sweeties at school :)