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Thursday, July 7, 2011

facebook, frog legs and furniture....

yes...that is what my day has consisted of!!! lol i couldn't think of a name for this piece so i just decided to call it that because that's pretty much what i have done while working on it... :)

you guessed it "garage sale!" uhm...this little thing was naked as could be when i got it.....not sure if you can see the pen and crayon markings all over it. i thought it looked pretty sad :( well... i knew i could do SOMETHING with it..!?!? just wasn't too sure what and now that's it's finished i'm having a hard time even thinking about letting it go :/ it matches my bedroom WANT TO KEEP IT.....but i CAN'T!!!!!!!! i'm starting to think i should have named my blog "depressing departure" or "temptation torture" because i want to keep everything that i flip!! ugh!

gracefully green...

so.... another garage sale treasure!!! for some reason i get a little excited about some of these finds more than others. well you can see this sweet little thing needed some help and just painting it solid green wasn't enough. so i added a little black and white elegance to it...and for those of you who know me.... this is sooo not my style but i love it! it's not my usual "rustic redo" ...can you distressing involved?!?!
*if you happen to love it too well you can be the proud owner..for a small fee that is!!! just let me know!

rocky baby... babies to rock here! just an ugly green rocker that i picked up at a garage sale a few months ago that desperately need some TLC! i took it from "gross green" to "raging red!!!" just a simple flip that is much more pleasing to the eye and now we can enjoy on our back porch!

oh and by the way i used to sing a silly little song called "rocky baby" to my sweet babies and now i sing it to my little sweeties at school :)