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Thursday, July 7, 2011

facebook, frog legs and furniture....

yes...that is what my day has consisted of!!! lol i couldn't think of a name for this piece so i just decided to call it that because that's pretty much what i have done while working on it... :)

you guessed it "garage sale!" uhm...this little thing was naked as could be when i got it.....not sure if you can see the pen and crayon markings all over it. i thought it looked pretty sad :( well... i knew i could do SOMETHING with it..!?!? just wasn't too sure what and now that's it's finished i'm having a hard time even thinking about letting it go :/ it matches my bedroom WANT TO KEEP IT.....but i CAN'T!!!!!!!! i'm starting to think i should have named my blog "depressing departure" or "temptation torture" because i want to keep everything that i flip!! ugh!


  1. You are very talented girlie!! Great Job, someone will take this right away. Only problem with your stuff is you are too far away from me!!! Be Blessed!!!

  2. thanks lisa! it's fun and keeps me busy in my spare time :)