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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

yes...i'm still here :) think it's been like 3 weeks since i've been on here!!! i'm soooooo stinkin' ready to be out in my barn working on something...anything!!! in fact i have a special order that i am dying to get to but this crazy wind, rain and weather has set me back a few weeks.... along with the end of the school year (only 1 more day...woot woot!!!!) SO hopefully, maybe...if the good lords a willin' i will be out in my barn this weekend working on a dresser :)

oh and by the way i been out sailing a boy did i find some amazing treasures!! can't wait to share them with you!! ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Lone Star State....

i may live in oklahoma but texas is where my heart is.... so i was super pumped when i got this order!!! in fact...if you've ever been to my house you might have noticed a "few" texas stars here and there. by a few i mean like 30..uhh...that's downstairs (yes...i just went and yikes...i didn't even go upstairs...oh wait...i almost forgot the one by my front door!! :) well anyway...i got a call the other day from a gal in texas. she just happened to be on of my amazing SISTER-in-laws. (i have 4 so i have to be jk..jk..i love them all dearly!!!) she had been looking for a texas flag "picture" to hang above her couch at her farm house. so she decided to put me to the test to make just what she was looking for so i tried....( i hope she likes it?!?!) :/ i just happened to have a star...some old wood...a piece of rusty tin....courtesy of my oldest son, he found it one day brought it home and said "mom i thought you could use this (that seems to be a reoccurring and some paint of course....and wah ya have it a tin texas flag framed with old barn wood! now the only problem is that i am attached to it so she may never get it!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Aged to perfection....

aaahhh....another garage sale treasure that i just couldn't resist!!!

decisions, decisions...i decided to poll the audience on this kids said "NO MORE TURQUOISE" so my hubby and i agreed that the antiqued off white look would suite this piece best. :) so this is what i spent my friday doing...(oops...guess the laundry will get done tomorrow) it came with a mirror but i chose not to keep it intact....maybe the mirror will show up another day :) i envision this piece in an entry...maybe your entry?!?!? cause sadly i have to part with house is full! so if this little number jumps out and grabs you....let me know and we will work out a deal ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

would you like a spot of tea? did you read/say that with a british accent??? if mil would be so proud ;)
this started out as a aspen tree and ended up as a tea cup rack on my kitchen counter. my inspiration....a sweet guy named gary. he creates some awesome pieces out of aspen and i was privileged to get to know him about 3 years ago in colorado. he gave me all the aspen wood i could haul back! this was my first on my aspen wood agenda is a table!