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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Lone Star State....

i may live in oklahoma but texas is where my heart is.... so i was super pumped when i got this order!!! in fact...if you've ever been to my house you might have noticed a "few" texas stars here and there. by a few i mean like 30..uhh...that's downstairs (yes...i just went and yikes...i didn't even go upstairs...oh wait...i almost forgot the one by my front door!! :) well anyway...i got a call the other day from a gal in texas. she just happened to be on of my amazing SISTER-in-laws. (i have 4 so i have to be jk..jk..i love them all dearly!!!) she had been looking for a texas flag "picture" to hang above her couch at her farm house. so she decided to put me to the test to make just what she was looking for so i tried....( i hope she likes it?!?!) :/ i just happened to have a star...some old wood...a piece of rusty tin....courtesy of my oldest son, he found it one day brought it home and said "mom i thought you could use this (that seems to be a reoccurring and some paint of course....and wah ya have it a tin texas flag framed with old barn wood! now the only problem is that i am attached to it so she may never get it!!


  1. Well how did you get so fabulous at flipping furniture? My goodness! SO glad I'm linked up to you now. You are so impressive!!

  2. thanks alyssa :) idk....i will try anything once and this is something i tried and i like it so here i am now :)