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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


well...have you missed me?? lol...i've missed you!!!! so anyway this one is titled "incomplete" because's missing something.
so...a few months ago a friend of mine called me up and asked "if i purchases a dresser at a garage sale will you flip it?" and my reply in short was "why yes... i will!" it is. i'm bummed because i didn't get a true before pic...but i think she might have one on her phone. anyway after several coats of wood filler and sanding...i was able to hide the original drawer pull holes. she wanted it lightly i attempted the layered look.... which didn't work out as planned but now that it's somewhat finished i think it's perfect! when i say "somewhat finished"'ve probably noticed what is missing....knobs. she special ordered some beautiful knobs that she had seen in a a furniture store. they will be here in a few weeks so you probably won't get to see the finished product because i am delivering it this week and she is attaching them herself.

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