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Saturday, April 30, 2011

from Crate to Great! ...well sort of ;)

sorry... nothing rhymed with pallet so i had to go with crate :)

alright...well.... i kept seeing this huge pile of wooden pallets at a construction site near my work. so... i decided to go ask the contract manager if i could have a few...(didn't want to be accused of stealing)... he said "help your self and take all you want!" REALLY??!?!?! yippie i was super excited! :D so with my son's help we loaded up some and headed home. he along with the rest of my family asked "what are you gonna do with those?" well.....we have never owned a coffee table so..........are you ready for this.....i said "i am gonna make a coffee table!!!" lol...i know, i know you aren't near as excited about it as i was/am but that's exactly what i did....and here it is! my new fabulous RED... distressed... pallet coffee table! my first thought was to stack them 3 high and add the casters but my sweet hubby had an even better idea! just use two and separate them and as you can see that's what i did. my daughter also had a hand in this project...she gave it a coat of turquoise to start off...then i added the red so that when i distressed it the turquoise would shine through. you know me always going for the rustic look ;)


  1. What room is this in?

  2. i put this in my game fact we played cards on it tonight! :)