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Thursday, April 21, 2011

fiesta buffet

well...this is the flip i have been dying to share! if you are my friend on FB...then you have probably already seen this transformation cause i was so stinkin' excited when i shared it a few weeks back!!!
here goes... :)
so i had been telling my hubby how much i wanted a buffet cabinet in our kitchen/dining he had plans to build me one. well.... one day while driving down the road i saw this hideous cabinet that had been dumped out (for obvious reasons)....not too far from our house. so i told him about it.....he saw it in passing also and said "please DO NOT bring that home!" with a chuckle i might add. i obviously didn't take him too serious! :) after passing by it numerous times i got my oldest son to take me to it in his truck...once again i heard "mom it's daylight" he put on a hoodie and and we loaded it up!
i got started on it the very next day. my sweet friend and neighbor had some old worn out fence panels in her back yard...just the thing i was looking for :) she helped me bring them over to my house and the fun began!!! i first added feet, then busted out the old drawer tracks, built some shelves and completely refaced the whole cabinet with the old fence panels.....built doors and started sanding. i applied a "coat of many colors" inspired by my fiestaware....sanded a little more and then added a few coats of polyurethane. the two side doors have screen in them from another old door i had in the barn (knew that old door would come in handy sometime) and the "tin" in the middle door is actually a faux tin....vinyl sort of's pretty cool. i think spent just a little under $50 dollars for the hardware, tin and feet and a total of 25 hours on this baby!! it was a weekend flip and it was so much fun!! i just keep looking at it and thinking "wow...what a transformation!!!!!!!" i love it!!!! like i always's not for everyone but it fits me to a T!

just another tid-bit of info....
when i was a little grandparents had fiestaware...I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED eating off of it and ALWAYS hoped to have the same dishes someday...well now i do! i remember my papaw always saying in his ever so slooooowwwww voice "you better clean your plate" and i did....i licked it clean and tried to sneak it back into the cabinet...he somehow always caught me and then i had to wash up all the dishes. lol...aaaawww the good ole' days!

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