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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So it may not be a flip......

so it may not be a flip but oh well...i just had to share :)
as many of you know i am a jewelry designer....and if you didn't know that... then... do now!!! tonight i had several mommy bracelet orders to fill for mother's day...(which btw is only 12 days away and if you would like to place an order i need to hear from you asap!!!) ok so anyway i was sitting down to make bracelets and my little girl said "mom can i design some bracelets too?" so we got out the beads and there we sat side by side creating and designing! it was really cute and some much needed mommy daughter time :) us gals had the house to ourselves....the guys were out on the town. driver in the house...he was out spinnin' his wheels :)
so here are some pics of her creations...... ;)
*this was a sweet reminder of me and my mom.....that's where i got my designing skill from ya mom !

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